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Thank you for visiting the website of the Mayville Animal Clinic and the Animal Clinic of Beaver Dam where we are committed to fulfilling your veterinary needs.  Serving the residents in and around Dodge County, our veterinary staff works together to provide our clients and patients with the highest standard of veterinary care.  With over 75 years of veterinary experience, we take pride in the wide array of pet care and veterinary services we provide. We are also Dodge County's best source for pet food and pet medicines. Feel free to call our expert staff with any small animal or veterinary questions.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT)

VSMT is based upon using spinal manipulation to restore full and pain-free range of motion to joints.  It includes all proceedures where the hands are used to mobilize, adjust, stimulate or otherwise influence the spine and surrounding tissues.